We offer a great value garden waste service to residents.

For an annual fee we will issue you with a 240-litre brown wheelie bin and empty it every fortnight (apart from a two-week period over Christmas).

The year-round service is easy to join and costs £40 if you pay by annual direct debit. If you pay by any other method, the charge is £45 per year. From April 1, 2021 the cost of the garden waste service will increase to £41 if you pay by direct debit and £46 per year if you pay by any other method.

Please remember to put your garden waste bin out by 6am. 

We already have more than 32,000 people who use the service and in 2019/20 we collected 11,260 tonnes of garden waste.

How it works

Once your subscription is active, we will send you a sticker to place on each of the garden waste bins you are paying for. You must place a sticker on each bin otherwise they will not be emptied.

Please leave your brown bin at the edge of your property next to the road before 6am on your collection day (and no earlier than 6pm the day before). Bins will be emptied and returned to the edge of your property.

Any brown garden waste bins which are left out for emptying but do not have a valid subscription will be removed by our contractor. 

Please be aware that the bin and the sticker arrive separately and their delivery may take up to 20 working days.

If you have received a sticker but it has then been lost, stolen or damaged and you require a replacement sticker please contact us on 01509 634 563

New customers

Please use the form below to register for the garden waste service.

New customers - apply for the garden waste service

Existing customers

If you already have a garden waste bin and have received an invoice to renew your garden waste subscription, please use the form below.

Existing customers - renew your garden waste subscription

Existing customers - ordering more bins

If you already have a garden waste bin but need to add more bins to your subscription, please use the form below.

Existing customers - order another bin

Exisiting customers - change of address

If you already have a garden waste subscription but you are moving to another home in Charnwood, please use the form below.

Existing customers - change of address

Check my bin collection day 

Use the form below to check when your garden waste, recycling and refuse bins will be collected throughout the year. Simply enter your postcode and find your address.

Check my bin collection day

Cancelling your subscription

If you would like to cancel an existing subscription to the garden waste service, please use the form below. You can also use this form if you have more than one subscription and would like to reduce your number of bins.

Cancel and/or reduce your subscription

Report a damaged bin

Report a damaged bin

Report an undelivered bin

If you have ordered a bin and it has not arrived within the specified number of working days, please report it via the form below:

Report an undelivered bin

Please note: Garden waste bins will be delivered within 15 calendar days. Recycling and refuse bins will be delivered within 7 calendar days.

Report a missed collection

Unfortunately, on some occasions items may not be collected.

This could be for a number of reasons. Before reporting missed items to us please check your collection day, and whether or not your items are included in the categories below.

Your items may have been missed for one of the following reasons. The council will not return for items where:

  • The item was too heavy
  • The item was contaminated
  • Our crew could not access the items
  • The items were not out on time (by 6am)

If your items were missed, and it wasn't due to one of the reasons above, you can let us know by using the online form below.

Please do not report a missed collection until after 5pm on the day of collection. This will give our contractor time to complete all of their routes.

Report a missed collection

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Last updated: Thu 6th May, 2021 @ 16:52