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Brown garden waste bin

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To note: We are in the process of sending customers a sticker to place on their brown garden waste bin to ensure it is collected and the scheme is running as efficiently possible. Read more about the sticker scheme.

For an annual fee we will provide you with a 240-litre brown bin for your garden waste. We will empty your brown bin every fortnight all year round, apart from two weeks over the Christmas period.

From April 1, 2017, the charge will be £28 per year if you pay by annual direct debit. If you pay by any other method, the charge will be £37 per year.

You can do the following online:

We do not provide any garden bins larger than 240 litres, but each property can have up to five bins. Each bin requires a paid subscription.

Please place garden waste in the brown bin loose, do not put any bagged waste in the brown bin.

What goes in the brown bin?

  • Grass cuttings
  • Leaves
  • Small twigs (up to 50mm)
  • Hedge trimmings
  • Raw fruit & vegetables directly from the garden
  • Weeds and old garden or houseplants
  • Flowers

Please do not put any of the following in the brown bin:

  • Plant pots/wire ties/seed trays
  • Plastic, glass or metal
  • wood shavings
  • Gravel or stones
  • Soil or turf
  • Logs and thick branches
  • Meat waste and bones
  • Fish or cooked food


Home composting is a great way to reduce waste and give your garden a treat at the same time. You can find out more about composting, including special offers on compost bins via the Leicestershire County Council's website.

Similar to a home composter, the Bokashi system will efficiently compost fruit and vegetable peelings and coffee grounds, as well as meat, fish and cooked foods.

The inexpensive system uses a unique mixture of bacteria, fungi and yeasts to safely home compost your kitchen food scraps, giving you an environmentally friendly alternative to waste. Visit the Bokashi website for more information.

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