Thank you for subscribing to the Charnwood Borough Council's garden waste collection service.

By doing so you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions for the period of your membership of the scheme.

Defined Terms

The Council means Charnwood Borough Council

Service means a regular [fortnightly] collection of acceptable domestic garden waste material from the participating property (25 times per year).

Relevant Charge means receipt of a cleared payment for each Wheeled Bin supplied to the value specified in the fees section of The Council’s Garden Waste Collection Service web page.

Service Period means a period of 12 whole months from the receipt of cleared payment

Wheeled Bin[s] means up to six brown wheeled bin[s] as supplied by The Council for the collection of garden waste.

Scheduled Collection Day means the regular collection day for the property as identified in the My Location section of The Councils website.

Self Adhesive Permit means an A5 Self Adhesive sticker which entitles a regular collection of garden waste from a property when displayed in the appropriate area of the brown bin.

Terms and conditions


1.1       The Council reserves the right to assess applications to determine whether or not premises and properties are suitable for the Service. All premises and properties within the Council’s administrative boundary assessed as suitable will be eligible for the Service. 

1.4       Copies of these terms and conditions are available on the website and can be provided in other languages and formats on request.

1.5       The Council retains the right to make reasonable amendments to these terms and conditions. Notification of any amendment will be published on the Council’s website.

1.6       If you require any more information on the charged garden waste collection service please refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) area of the Council’s “Brown Garden Waste Bin” section on the councils website or call our Contact Centre on 01509 634563, or write to us at: Southfield Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2TN


2.1       You have agreed to pay the Council the Relevant Charge specified in the fees section of The Council’s Garden Waste Collection Service web page to collect your garden waste in a brown wheeled bin. This service is not available to commercial customers generating garden waste from business activities.

2.2       The Service is available to the Customer subject to the terms of this Agreement and on receipt of cleared payment to the Council of the Relevant Charge, for the Service Period. The Service will not commence until the Relevant Charge has been paid in full and a valid self-adhesive permit is displayed on the bin.

2.3       Customers use their Wheeled Bin(s) at their own risk.

3.0       PAYMENTS 

3.1       The Relevant Charge for the Service shall be as set out in the fees section of the Charnwood Borough Council Garden Waste Collection Service Web page . You may subscribe to up to a total of 6 Wheeled Bins emptied at the same time by paying an additional Relevant Charge. There is no price discount for multiple subscriptions.

3.2       The Council will guarantee that the Relevant Charge will remain fixed for the first year of the Service Period. The charge will be reviewed on an annual basis and the Council reserves the right to vary the Relevant Charge for subsequent Service Periods. Notice of any changes in pricing will be provided as part of the subscription renewals process

3.3       Customers can request the Service at any time. The subscription period will cover a total period of 12 months running from the beginning of the next whole month from receipt of cleared payment.

3.4       On receipt of cleared payment customers will be supplied with a valid Self Adhesive Permit and [if necessary] a wheeled bin or bins. Customers should check the “My Location” section of the Charnwood Borough Council Website for the most up to date version of the collection calendar for their area. Customers may begin to use the service from the next scheduled collection day once they have a Wheeled bin displaying a valid permit.

3.5       Payment involves one single payment for the full amount.  Payment for the first years’ service can be made by debit/credit card online by visiting or by telephoning 01509 634563.

3.6       Customers are reminded that payments may take up to 10 working days to process; therefore those subscribing to or renewing their subscription to The Service in the days immediately prior to the Scheduled Collection Day may not be collected until the next Scheduled Collection Day.  

4.0       RENEWALS

4.1       . The Council encourages the use of direct debits and a discounted rate as shown in the fees section of the Garden Waste Service Web Page is available for those who return a valid direct debit instruction and pay by this method. If the direct debit instruction is not received then the Service may be terminated and the option for future direct debit payments may be withdrawn.

4.2       Customers will receive notification of the Direct Debit collection date and amount at least fourteen days before the collection date.

4.3       Customers who opt to pay by other methods will receive an invoice, which is to be paid within 14 days of the invoice date.  Details of the ways to pay are printed on the reverse of the invoice.

4.4       Subscription renewal is the customer’s responsibility. Failure to renew the subscription will result in the Service being cancelled for the related property and the Wheeled Bin being left unemptied.


5.1       A Self Adhesive Permit for attachment to each of the Wheeled Bin[s] supplied giving the month that the subscription expires will be delivered following receipt of the Relevant Charge.

5.2       This Self Adhesive Permit provides visual identification of payment, and is particularly important to ensure bins are returned to the correct household. Any Wheeled Bin[s] presented for collection without a valid Self Adhesive Permit will not be emptied.

5.3       . The Self Adhesive Permits are tamper proof and cannot be removed without damage once fixed. Inclusion of the customer address and a unique permit number provides both an additional visual check and a deterrent against theft and abuse of the Service

5.4       It is the responsibility of the customer to place the Self Adhesive Permit prominently on the Wheeled Bin[s] in the area of the bin indicated on the reverse of the Self Adhesive Permit. Please ensure the surface of the Wheeled Bin is dry, undamaged, clear of debris and that the Self Adhesive Permit won’t interfere with the opening of the bin lid before attempting to apply The Permit. If you have had the service before, please remove as much as you can of the previous year’s permit sticker prior to applying the renewal sticker to your bin[s].


6.1       Kerbside collections will only be made from Wheeled Bin[s] supplied through the Council and displaying a valid Self Adhesive Permit.

6.2       Garden waste will be collected once every two (2) weeks (25 times per year) on allocated Scheduled Collection Day.  There will be a break in collections over Christmas and New Year. The day of collection may also be affected by other bank holidays and exceptional circumstances (see clause 7.1).  Prior notification of changes in Scheduled Collection Days will be provided where circumstances permit and advertised on the Council’s website. 

6.3       You should put your Wheeled Bin[s] out for collection on the inside edge of your property’s boundary (unless otherwise agreed). This should be at the point nearest to the road or pavement and no more than one metre away from the boundary edge.

6.4       Your Wheeled Bin[s] should be put out for collection before 6am on the day of collection and not earlier than 6pm on the previous day. Handles should be facing outward and your Wheeled Bin[s] should be placed in such a way that they will not cause an obstruction to pedestrians and road users.

6.5       If your Wheeled Bin[s] is not at the correct collection point by the time the vehicle arrives we cannot guarantee that our contractor will empty it until the next scheduled collection. No refunds will be issued in these circumstances.

6.6       The Customer should remove the Wheeled Bins from the highway/pavement as soon as possible after collection.

6.7       An assisted collection service is available to Garden Waste Customers who meet the Council’s assisted collection service criteria.  More information can be found in the Bin Collections section of The Council’s website, by emailing, by calling 01509 634563 or writing to us at Southfield Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2TN.

6.8       Collections during the Relevant Service Period will be fortnightly; any planned change of dates for collection will be notified to Customers in advance where possible. Planned service changes will also be publicised on the Council’s website and customers are advised to periodically check the My Location section of The Councils website for details.

6.9       CBC retains the right to amend collection dates should this prove necessary due to factors outside of its reasonable control; this includes but is not limited to road closure, strikes, fire, and breakdown of plant or machinery. Reasonable efforts will be made to maintain regular collections.      


7.1       On occasions, the Council may be unable to provide the Service due to circumstances outside its control.  An event outside the Council’s control includes, but is not limited to; industrial action by third parties, civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war, fire, explosion, severe or adverse weather conditions, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster, or failure of public or private telecommunications networks.  The Council will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of the Council’s obligations under this agreement that is caused by an event outside the Councils control. 

7.2       In the event that the Council misses a collection due to any of the circumstances as stated in clause 7.1 and where the Customer wishes their Wheeled Bin to be emptied before the next scheduled collection, Customers must report any missed collection to the Council within two (2) days of the day the collection was due. The Council will use its reasonable endeavour to return and collect the Wheeled Bin within two (2) working days of the report being received by the waste services team, however this is not guaranteed.  

7.3       Excluding the circumstances listed in 7.1, The Council accepts that, on occasions, a Wheeled Bin may be missed from collection.   If your bin has not been emptied, please use the online reporting system accessed from the REPORT section of The Council’s website, or call 01509 634563 within 2 working days of the scheduled collection date to report the missed collection.  

7.4       The Council’s contractor records valid reasons for not emptying customer’s Wheeled Bins on a Daily Status Report including; a valid permit was not displayed, the bin was not presented, or, the bin contained materials not on the approved list and was therefore contaminated. On receiving a report, the address will be checked against the record of valid reasons. If no valid reason is shown, The Council’s Contractor will return to the address to empty the Wheeled Bin within 24 hours.

7.5       It is your responsibility to routinely check the Council’s website for changes and updates to the Service.

7.6       During cold weather garden waste may become frozen within the Wheeled Bin, garden waste remaining in the Wheeled Bin after an attempted collection will be left and will not be collected before the next Scheduled Collection Day. The Council does not accept responsibility for any attempts by you to dislodge frozen garden waste.

8.0       THE WHEELED BIN[S]  

8.1       Customers signing up to the Service who currently have a Wheeled Bin will continue to use this. If required up to 6 Wheeled Bins will be provided to the Customer for the purposes of the Service.

8.2       The Council shall deliver the Wheeled Bin[s] to the Customer at the property or premises registered to receive the Service within 15 working days after receipt of the Relevant Charge.  

8.3       On completion of delivery the Customer is responsible for the Wheeled Bin including, without limitation, its general condition, repair or replacement and cleaning.  

8.4       The Wheeled Bin provided will be 240 litres, the same size as the standard green recycling bins. The Council reserves the right to amend the specification of the Wheeled Bin if required by any applicable statutory or regulatory requirements. 

8.5       The Council retains ownership of all Wheeled Bins provided and [they]will be removed if the Service is cancelled or not renewed for subsequent Service Periods. It remains your responsibility to safely store your Wheeled Bin[s] between collections and the service may be withdrawn if the Wheeled Bin[s] are misused.

8.6       Wheeled Bin[s] are provided in a clean and useable condition; it is your responsibility to check the Wheeled Bin for faults upon delivery and ensure it remains in clean and useable condition.

8.7       Any Wheeled Bin faults must be reported before the first Scheduled Collection Day following the delivery of the Wheeled Bin, after this period reported faults will be deemed to be a result of misuse unless proven otherwise. It is then the customer’s responsibility to pay the charge as listed in the fees section of The Councils Garden Waste Collection Service web page for a replacement Wheeled Bin from the Council.

8.8       If a Wheeled Bin is proven to be damaged by the collection process the Council will repair or replace it free of charge as soon as is reasonably practicable, once reported to the Council. [Please note that refurbished clean bins may be delivered depending on current stock levels.]


9.1       Only garden waste must be placed in the Wheeled Bin[s].  All materials must be no more than 50mm in diameter, must be placed loose in the Wheeled Bin[s] and should not be compacted in any way. Bags or liners (including compostable or biodegradable liners) are not acceptable and will be classified as contamination. 

9.2       Larger items - i.e. branches – should be cut into smaller more manageable pieces as these will be less likely to become stuck within the bin and may use less space, enabling additional garden waste to be placed in the bin.

9.3       Garden waste does not include soil, stones or rubble, noxious weeds such as Japanese knotweed, ragwort or giant hogweed, plastic flower pots trays or bags, wood that has been treated or painted, vacuum dust, fire cinders or sawdust, food or kitchen waste including peelings, pet faeces, litter or bedding, or cardboard.  No plastic, paper or glass of any kind may be put in the Wheeled Bin[s].  This is not a comprehensive list. Full details can be found in the Brown garden waste bin section of the Councils website. If any such items are present then the Wheeled Bin will be treated as contaminated.  

9.4       Contaminated Wheeled Bins will not be emptied and a “bin hanger” will be left to identify the bin as contaminated. No refunds will be issued in these circumstances.

9.5       If the Wheeled Bin is contaminated, it is the responsibility of the Customer to sort the contents of the Wheeled Bin and remove all of the contamination. The bin will then be collected on the next Scheduled Collection Day, provided all of the contamination has been removed.   

9.6       Wheeled Bins that are considered by the Council in its absolute discretion to be too heavy for safe handling and emptying will not be emptied and a “bin hanger” will be left to identify the bin as overweight.  Overweight bins are not safe to lift and may damage the hoist equipment. No refunds will be issued in these circumstances.

9.7       If the Wheeled Bin is overweight, it is the responsibility of the Customer to sort the contents of the Wheeled Bin and reduce the weight. The bin will then be collected on the next Scheduled Collection Day, provided that the weight has been reduced to a safe level.   No refunds will be issued in these circumstances.

9.8       The Council will not empty Wheeled Bin[s] that are overflowing. Lids of Wheeled Bins must be fully closed. The Council will not collect/remove any additional waste placed on, around or beside the Wheeled Bin.  No refunds will be issued in these circumstances.  


10.1 Customers may transfer the Service to a new address within the Council’s administrative boundary should they move home.

10.2 If you move house, please let us know by completing the online form on The Councils Garden Waste Collection Service web page, by calling 01509 634563 or writing to us at Southfield Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2TN

10.3 Customers must give at least 14 days’ notice to the Council to allow for the change of address process and ensure there is no break in the service.

10.4    When moving house, the Wheeled Bin and existing Secure Sticker must be left at the property and not moved.

10.5    Once the Council has been informed, a replacement Secure Sticker will be issued relating to the customer’s new address within 15 working days.

10.6    If a Wheeled Bin is not present at new address, please inform the Council and replacement Wheeled Bin[s] will be ordered and delivered within 15 working days

10.7    If the Customer moves out of the Council administrative boundary then they must notify the Council promptly. The bin remains the property of the council and must be left at the property   

10.8    No refund will be given for part years or unexpired terms.

10.9    Collections at the customer’s new address will commence as soon as is practicable after the Council receives notification of the transfer of the Service and a valid secure permit for the new address has been delivered and is displayed on the bin[s]. 


11.1    You have the right to cancel this Service within 14 days of signing up or renewal of subscription. This does not affect your statutory rights. If you cancel this Service your Wheeled Bin will not be emptied.

11.2    There will be no refunds made for a cancellation request received more than 14 days after signing up or subscription renewal.

11.3    If you wish to cancel the service please complete the online cancelation form on the Garden Waste Collection Service page of the councils website, phone 01509 634563, or write to us at Southfield Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2TN 

11.4    On cancelling the service, the bins remain the property of the Council. After cancelling, place the bin in an accessible location at the boundary of your property where you normally leave it on collection day. It will then be collected within 7 working days.


12.1 The Council will use information, including personal information, provided by the Customer to process their application and this information may be used by the Council and its partners to deliver and improve the Service.  

12.2 The Council is a Data Controller under the Data Protection Act 1998.  We hold information for the purposes specified in our notification to the Information Commissioner and may use this information for any of them.  All personal information will be processed in accordance with the Act.  

12.3 The Council may get information about you from others, or we may give information to them.  The Council will not disclose any personal information to any other third parties unless required to do so by law and as the law permits, to check the accuracy of information, prevent fraud or detect crime or to protect public 

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