The 2019 General Election was held on Thursday, December 12.

Charnwood Borough Council was responsible for administering the elections in the parliamentary constituencies for Loughborough and Charnwood.

The results for the Loughborough and Charnwood constituencies can be found on the General Election 2019 results webpage.

Polling Stations and statement of persons nominated

You will find your nearest polling station in the documents below:

The electorate figures are as follows:

  • Loughborough Constituency - 79,776
  • Charnwood Constituency - 79,556

A timetable for proceedings for Thursday December 12 can be found below:

Please note: Charnwood Borough Council has to be impartial when it comes to candidates running for election. Therefore, you will not find any links to political parties or candidates on these pages. Please visit the parties' websites or use search engines to find news, manifestos and any other information. You can also vist the Electoral Commission website.

Notices of election agents

Notices of election - Loughborough and Charnwood constituencies

Notices of election can be found below:

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