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Local Elections 2019

Charnwood Borough Council has 52 councillors across 28 wards and all seats are up for election on May 2 this year. Borough councils must hold a whole council election every four years.

This is a chance for people to vote for someone to represent their ward on the borough council.

As a reminder, the borough council is responsible for many services including bin collections, looking after 250,000 acres of parks and open spaces, determining planning applications, homelessness, managing 5,500 council homes and licensing to name but a new. The borough council is also responsible for three leisure centres, Loughborough Town Hall, Charnwood Museum and events such as Loughborough Fair.

The current political make-up of the Council is:

  • 42 Conservatives
  • 9 Labour
  • 1 Independent

The Charnwood electorate (number of people on the electoral register in the borough) is 131,207.

To vote in the local elections on May 2 this year, you need to be on the electoral register. If you are not on the register, you will need to register by Friday, April 12.

Register to vote

If you do not believe you are on the electoral register, please contact the council on 01509 634546

Voting at polling stations takes place on May 2, 2019 between 7am and 10pm.

You can only vote at a specific polling station. This will be on your polling card. You do not have to bring the polling card to the polling station but it may help. Polling cards are due to be delivered from week commencing March 22.

The counting of votes will take place at Loughborough Leisure Centre on Friday May 3, from 9.30am. Entrance is by prior permission only, usually only for candidates and their agents and accredited media.

Key dates:

  • Notice of election published: March 22
  • Deadline for nominations of candidates:  4pm, April 3
  • Publication of statements of persons nominated: by 4pm, April 4
  • Last date to register to vote for this year's local elections: Friday, April 12
  • Deadline for the receipt of postal vote applications: 5pm, April 15
  • Deadline for receipt of proxy vote applications: 5pm, April 24
  • Polling day, 7am - 10pm May 2
  • Receipt of emergency proxy vote applications: 5pm, May 2
  • Receipt of completed postal votes: 10pm, May 2
  • Counting of votes: May 3

Keep up with the latest Charnwood elections news by following the council on Twitter and look for the hashtag #CharnElections19.

Find out more about being a borough councillor

Information on polling stations and districts

Where and how to vote

Which elections can I vote in

Borough council election results 2015

Register to vote

Interactive wards map

Parish and town council elections

There are 27 parish and town councils in Charnwood and 46 parish wards (some parishes have one ward, others have two).

In total there are seats for 266 parish or town councillors. Quite often in elections, parish and town council seats are uncontested and there is no voting as not enough people stand to contest the seats. However, there are usually some elections taking place across the borough.

Voting for parish and town councils will also take place on Thursday, May 2

More information about parish councils in Charnwood

Parish councils are the first tier of local government and their powers range from maintaining parks and play areas to grass cutting, owning a village hall and being consulted upon over planning applications.

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