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Parish and town election results, 2015

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Below are the results from the Charnwood parish/town elections held on May 7, 2015. 

Uncontested elections can be found at the bottom of this page.

Anstey parish results

Name of Candidate Description (if any)  Votes Elected
ASTON, Nigel William 661 Elected
BALL, Victoria Lesley 979 Elected
BOWN, Emma Louise Independent 783 Elected
BROOMHEAD, Martin Independent 1031 Elected
GROGAN, Ian Stuart 721 Elected
HADFIELD, Melissa 559 Elected
JORDAN, Amanda Jane 666 Elected
MCALLISTER, Glyn Stanley 925 Elected
NICKOLLS, Andrew Craig The Green Party 984 Elected
PARKER, David Glyn 559
PEAT, Roger Sydney Independent 829 Elected
ROWLINSON, Brian Richard Independent 680 Elected
SUTHERINGTON, John James 2074 Elected
TAYLOR, Deborah 1270 Elected
TUNALEY, Christopher Ian Retired Chartered Engineer



  • Electorate: 5413
  • Ballot Papers: 3034
  • % Poll: 56.05%

Shepshed East town results

Name of Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
BEBBINGTON, William The Conservative Party Candidate 1486 Elected
HICKS, Timothy Paul UK Independence Party (UKIP) 870 Elected
HIRA, Alexis Adam UK Independence Party (UKIP) 824
POOLE, Claire Marie Labour Party 1133 Elected
POOLE, Jonathan Peter Labour Party 974 Elected
POPLEY, Cynthia Drummond Liberal Democrat 752
POPLEY, Robin James Drummond Liberal Democrat 659
ROBERTS, Myriam Rebecca Labour Party 925 Elected
SAVAGE, John The Conservative Party Candidate 1479 Elected
TIMSON, Glenys Kathleen Labour Party 914 Elected
  • Electorate: 5237
  • Ballot Papers: 3554
  • % Poll: 67.86%

Shepshed West town results

Name of Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
BUTTARAZZI, Tito Livio The Conservative Party Candidate 1450 Elected
DRAYCOTT, Raymond Labour Party 1193 Elected
EWING, Robert Arthur Labour Party 1295 Elected
HORN, Diane Jayne UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1293 Elected
LENNIE, Jane Labour Party 1335 Elected
LYCETT, Grantley Walter Liberal Democrat 668
PERKINS, Barry Franklin Labour Party 1626 Elected
POPLEY, John Drummond Liberal Democrat 964
RADFORD, Christine The Conservative Party Candidate 1868 Elected
SHARMAN, Joy Elaine UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1032
TASSELL, Joan The Conservative Party Candidate 1599 Elected
  • Electorate: 5585
  • Ballot Papers: 3853
  • % Poll: 68.99%

Syston Merton town results

Name of Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
HENRY, Paul Andrew Independent 522 Elected
JONES, Renata Catherine Eleanor Louise The Conservative Party Candidate 731 Elected
LUCAS, John William Independent 447
PACEY, Kenneth George The Conservative Party Candidate 718 Elected
PATEL, Nilesh The Conservative Party Candidate 302
SCREATON, Harold The Conservative Party Candidate 530 Elected
TURNER, Paul Anthony Liberal Democrats 552 Elected
  • Electorate: 2511
  • Ballot Papers: 1464
  • % Poll: 58.30%

Thrussington parish results

Name of Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
BELL, Colin Albert 160 Elected
GUEST, Edward Charles Thrussington Life Editor 195 Elected
KEARNS, Beverley Miriam 282 Elected
PRIOR, Thomas John 223 Elected
STANYARD, Nicholas Byron 126
THISTLETHWAITE, Mark 156 Elected
  • Electorate: 471
  • Ballot Papers: 315
  • % Poll: 66.88%

Thurcaston parish results

Name of Candidate Description (if any)  Votes Elected
BROOKS, Stefan Keep Thurcaston Rural 454 Elected
CHARLES, Mark Roger Keep Thurcaston Rural 464 Elected
WEBB, Richard John Keep Thurcaston Rural 446 Elected
WESTON, Richard Henry 179
YOUNIE, Richard David 198
  • Electorate: 972
  • Ballot Papers: 724
  • % Poll: 74.49%

Thurmaston South parish results

Name of Candidate Description (if any) Votes Elected
COOMBE, Sandra Ann 351 Elected
COUPE, William Brian Labour Party 387 Elected
KNAGGS, Kate Jane Labour Party 454 Elected
KNAGGS, Rebecca Ann Labour Party 347
PATEL, Aminesh Labour Party 391 Elected
  • Electorate: 1487
  • Ballot Papers: 873
  • % Poll: 58.71%

Uncontested parish/town elections

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