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Parking permits for market traders

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An all-day permit allows you to park, subject to car parking space availability, at any of the following council owned car parks (Thursday/Saturday) 6am to 6pm:

  • Beehive Lane Multi-Storey - Levels two to six only
  • Southfield’s Extension -Any area

Please note the Beehive Lane Multi-Storey Car Park lift is only operational between the hours of 6.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday inclusive. In the interest of security, car park permits will only be issued on personal application at Southfield’s Offices.

Fees, rules and regulations

  • The charge for ten weeks (Thursday or Saturday only) 6am to 6pm is £48.00
  • The charge for ten weeks (Both Thursday and Saturday) 6am to 6pm is £96.00
  • The charge for a daily permit is £4.56

An all-day car parking permit does not allow you to park in designated “Short stay/Disabled” or in any area other than a marked bay. If you wish to park in any council owned car park Thursday/Saturday 6pm to 12pm you must purchase a standard car parking ticket.

An all-day permit must be displayed on the inside of your windscreen in the vehicle using the holder provided, so that all particulars are visible from the outside of the vehicle.

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Last updated: Mon 30th July, 2018 @ 15:51