The Planning Enforcement Team investigates complaints about development that may be taking place without planning permission.

It is our job to ensure that the problem is addressed to ensure  that the development is not causing significant harm to our residents or the area. If the situation cannot be resolved satisfactorily then enforcement action will be considered.

Make a complaint

Please note that we are unable to get involved with or offer advice on boundary disputes as these are private / civil matters and not a planning consideration.

What we can do

Whilst there are a range of actions available to us, these will only be considered if development has occurred without the appropriate permission or consent and the breach has, or will result in, significant harm.

In all cases we have to make sure that our decision is justified. This means that all the relevant planning circumstances must first be considered. Where we are satisfied there has been a breach of planning control we have the following options:

  • Take no action
  • Ask for a retrospective application for planning permission
  • Attempt to negotiate a solution
  • Issue a Notice directing what must be done and by when
  • Prosecute the offender(s) in the Magistrates’ Court (in some cases)

Issuing an enforcement notice

It is not an offence to carry out development without planning permission unless it includes works to a listed building or to protected trees. Enforcement action will only be taken if the development affects the quality of life or is in the public interest.

Where an enforcement notice is issued, we will tell the developer what they must do and when this must be done by. If the enforcement notice is ignored, the developer is then liable for prosecution.

There are various administrative and legal procedures which must be completed before any notice can be served. This can take some weeks, but we will write and tell the complainant when this has been done.

You can check whether we have issued an Enforcement Notice on your property or in the vicinity of a location by checking the Property Notices section of the Local Information available from our My Charnwood search function. If this indicates that a notice has been served, please contact our Enforcement Team for further assistance.

Contact the planning enforcement team

Telephone: 01509 263151

For further information on the Planning Enforcement service please view the Planning Enforcement Plan:

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