A private water supply is any water supply not provided by a licensed water company i.e. Severn Trent Water.

This can include water from wells, springs and boreholes.

The Private Water Supplies (England) Regulations 2016 ensures that water from private water supplies are safe for people to drink. Private water supplies have now been categorized into four types:

  • Large supplies – Supplies with commercial/public uses (e.g. hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, bed and breakfast or village halls) or large domestic supplies - i.e. those using more than 10m³/day or supplying more than 50 people a day on average.
  • Small Supplies – Supplies with two or more domestic premises but with no commercial premises. Usage less than10m³/day and fewer than 50 people a day supplied on average.
  • Supplies to single domestic property (where water is supplied only for domestic purposes)
  • Private Distribution Networks - The scope of the Regulations has now been broadened to include distribution networks, where water is further distributed beyond the responsibility of the licensed water company. Distribution networks may include water that is further distributed on caravan parks, large industrial estates or country estates or where water is further distributed by tanker.

Charges and fees

Local Authorities can make reasonable charges to cover the costs of carrying out the above duties, subject to the maximum amounts set out in the Regulations. Our set fees and charges for this activity are outlined below:

Private Water Supply Charges (not subject to VAT)

  • Risk Assessment: £46/hr (max charge £500). Simple risk assessment and report typically five hours
  • Sampling visit: £68
  • Carrying out an investigation (in the event of test failure): £46/hr and actual cost of analysis (max charge £100)
  • Granting an authorisation (application by supply owner for permission to temporarily breach a standard whilst remedial work carried out): £46/hr (max charge £100)


  • Small supplies under Regulation 10 (where supply provides <10m3/day or <50 people and is used for domestic purposes): Actual cost of analysis (max charge £25)

Large Supplies/Supplies to Commercial and Public Premises

  • Check Monitoring (to ensure water complies with the standards): Actual cost of analysis (max charge £100)
  • Audit monitoring (additional parameters sampled less often to ensure the water complies with all safety standards): Actual cost of analysis (max charge £500)

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