Below is a round-up of popular services that are searched for by our customers, in order to report something to us.

If you can't find what you are looking for below, please refer to the A–Z of services which should point you in the right direction.

The large search bar on the homepage can also assist. Simply start typing what you are searching for and you will be offered options based on the key words used in your search.

It may be possible that the request you want to make should be directed to Leicestershire County Council.


Abandoned vehicles

Anti-social behaviour

Animal welfare issue

Benefit fraud

Building control issue

Change in circumstances (benefits)

Council insurance incident

Dead animal on the highway

Dog problem

Food hygiene issue


Grounds maintenance problem

High hedges complaints

Housing issue (environmental) (council and rented)

Litter problem

Lost/found (stray) dog

Missed bin

Noise issue

Notification about a death

Pavement obstruction

Planning issue

Pollution issue

Refuse and recycling service problem

Repairs - reporting a new repair for your council property

Repairs - reporting an emergency repair at your council property

Road or pavement issue (county council)

Rough sleepers

Website issue

Report feedback, make a compliment or make a complaint

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