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Report a missed bin collection

Unfortunately, on some occassions a bin may not be collected. This could be for a number of reasons. Before reporting a missed bin to us please check your bin collection day, and whether or not your bin has fallen into one of the catagories below.

If missed bins are not reported within 48 hours, they will not be collected until the next scheduled collection date.

Your bin may have been missed for one of the following reasons. The council will not return for bins where:

  • The bin was too heavy
  • The bin was contaminated
  • Our crew could not access the bin
  • The bin was not out on time (by 7am)

If your bin was missed during our weekly collection, and it wasn't due to one of the reasons above, you can let us know by using the report button below.

Or contact our Environmental Services team on 01509 634563.

Report a missed bin collection using the link below:

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We have been working on a couple of new online forms including 'Report fly-tipping' and 'Report a missed bin' to improve your online experience. We would be interested in any feedback you may have and suggestions can be sent to

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