Council tenants can report a new repair to us via this webpage.

If your repair is an emergency repair, you can report it via the emergency repairs webpage.

Report a repair

In the loss of gas central heating/hot water you should contact us as soon as possible by calling on 01509 634666 and selecting option 2 for PH Jones.

Please use the form below to book a non-urgent repair including communal repairs:

Book a repair online

Our Responsibilities

Your home

We are responsible for repairs to the structure and exterior of your home including drains, guttering and outside pipes, excluding glazing if caused by accidental damage or without a police crime number.

Inside your home we are responsible for water and gas pipes, wiring, heating systems, drainage, power and light fittings, and any items originally provided by us, not items that are your responsibility.

Your housing repair responsibilities

Your garden

We are responsible for any outbuilding or brick built sheds originally provided by us, and the main paths that lead to your front and back doors and clothes-line posts. We will mark out boundaries and maintain fences, hedges and walls in line with our Fencing and Boundary Policy

Communal areas

We look after any communal areas and facilities in our blocks of flats and scheme.

Report a communal repair

Repair timescales


We will get someone to your home within 24 hours – This is for repairs that remove immediate danger to people, or stop serious damage to your home, for example complete loss of electrical power, a burst water pipe, or making your home secure. If we can’t complete the repair in one visit, we will make the situation safe and come back to do follow-up work as soon as possible. You can call us about emergencies at any time day or night.


We will complete the work within five calendar days – This is for work where there is no risk to you or your family, but it is causing inconvenience.


We will complete the repair within 28 calendar days – This is for work, where the fault does not cause problems straight away or make it dangerous for people in the property or outside, but still needs to be done quite soon.

Planned work

We put certain non-urgent work into “packages” that can be carried out all together in an area within 90 working days. This is more efficient and cost effective.

Repairs Time slots

Repairs will be carried out during the following time slots:

  • Morning (8am-1pm) or afternoon (12pm – 4pm) or we will fit in with school run time (10am – 2pm)
  • All day (8am - 4pm).

Enquire about an outstanding repair

Help us to get the job done

When our repair staff or contractors visit to carry out work, we expect them to respect your home. It is important to remember that your home becomes a workplace, so we need you to help us carry out work quickly and safely:

  • Making sure that someone is home for the appointment and is 18 years old or over. If you report an emergency repair, you must stay in your home until the contractor arrives, if it is safe to do so.
  • We expect you to make arrangements to allow contractors to get on with their work.
  • Clear work areas and arrange for furniture to be moved or floor coverings to be taken up, if necessary.
  • We aim to protect staff and contractors from the effects of second-hand smoke and would respectfully ask that you or other family members do not smoke whilst our contractors and staff are in your property.

If the operative is unable to gain access to your property, they will leave a card with contact details in order for you to arrange a new time for the work to be carried out.

Right To Buy

Once we have assessed your application to buy your council property and written to you to say that you are entitled to purchase your property, we will only carry out limited repair work to the property.

We will make sure that the gas and electric supplies are safe, repair heating breakdowns and plumbing leaks, and keep the property weather and watertight.  

The property will be removed from any of our improvement programmes.

Recharges for repairs

Your Housing Repair Responsibilities

Warning - check identity cards

Before you let anyone into your home to carry out a repair, inspection or gas service, you should check they are who they say they are. All of our staff, and any contractors doing work for us, must show you their identity card.

Remember – when in doubt, keep them out.

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