Steady Steps Falls Prevention Programme aims to improve balance, coordination and mobility.

The programme is aimed at anyone over 65 who is at risk of falling, or who has a fear of falling.

The new classes take place across Charnwood and will run for 24 weeks offering a progressive set of exercises carefully designed to help reduce your risk of falling.

The classes are fully funded so are free to attend, following a conversation to assess the suitability of the programme for you.

If you are interested to take part please get in touch and we can add you to our register or interest, first come first served.

Contact Will Blanche on 01509 63 4966 or email

More information on activities for adults

For more information about what we do for the Charnwood residents aged 18 and above, you can contact our physical activity development officers who will be more than happy to help!

Mat Richardson

Tel: 01509 632 535


Sam Balram

Tel: 01509 632 525


Last updated: Tue 4th October, 2022 @ 11:08