Supported housing helps people, including those with mental health problems, to live as independently as possible by offering accommodation and support. 

Advice on things like budgeting and paying bills can help people living in their own homes to manage on a day to day basis.   

Supported housing in Charnwood

We offer 24-hour, emergency assistance to tenants living in flats or bungalows that are connected to our 'central alarm service'. 

Tenants who live in these properties are visited by a warden who checks their well-being. If there is a problem with day-to-day living, the warden will contact an organisation who can help. 

Am I eligible for supported housing?

Supported housing is available to older people aged 60 years and over, and to disabled and vulnerable people who need support to help them to live independently. A charge is made for warden services, in addition to the rent. 


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