The Thorpebury Development, (also called the North East Leicester Sustainable Urban extension ), is a new development of 4,500 new houses, 13 hectares of land for employment use, a new district centre with a supermarket and community facilities, two local centres with shops and services, new primary schools, provision for a secondary school, sports facilities, open spaces, play areas, allotments and sites for travellers and travelling show people. 

There will be two new main access points into the development a southern access road that will meet the A563 at its Sandhills Avenue junction and a northern access road that will join the A607 between Thurmaston and Syston. An internal spine road will connect these two access points and will be completed in stages as the development progresses.

Secondary accesses into the site will be provided from Barkby Thorpe Road, Barkby Thorpe Lane, Barkby lane, Hamilton Lane, Colby Road, Colby Drive and Hilltop Road.

Many of these access points will be permanent links but there are also temporary access points that will beused during construction.  There are provisions for improvements to surrounding roads including speed reduction measures in Barkby and Barkby Thorpe and junction improvements at key points of the A563 and A6030. 

There is also a provision to improve Barkby Thorpe Lane and the Asda Roundabout if the northern access road is not completed in time to deal with additional traffic from the development in this area.

A network of cycle routes and footpaths through the development will provide links to surrounding areas such as Thurmaston and Hamilton and also allow car free movement through the development and recreational use. 

The majority of the development is within Charnwood most of although the southern access road is within Leicester City.


As the project progresses important contact details will be added here. At present the Case Officer at Charnwood Borough Council can be contacted at .

Commercial Estates Group (CEG) are the developers and they can be contacted at

Phase 1 is being built by a consortium of housebuilders including David Wilson Homes, William Davis Homes and Davidsons Developments. The developers can be contacted via

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