It is natural for dogs to bark. However, if it's happening persistently, it can be annoying and upsetting - and could be considered anti-social behaviour.

Other ASB involving dogs, including dog on dog attacks, dogs escaping boundaries, intimidating people, and being allowed to roam.

What you can do to help resolve the issue

  • If you feel comfortable in doing so, go to the person calmly and explain the problems you are experiencing. 
  • Don’t shout or be abusive as they may shout and be abusive to you and then it can be very difficult to move forwards from this.
  • If you don’t feel confident enough to approach the person face to face, try writing a polite note explaining what the problems are and post this through their door.

Who you need to speak to

Dog attacks on a person should be reported to the Police immediately.  If someone is in immediate danger, or you believe a crime is in progress you should call 999 now. If ASB is in progress, you can call Leicestershire Police on 101. ASB can also be reported to Leicestershire Police via the Leicestershire Police website.  

The Council can investigate dog on dog attacks and other dog control issues.

The Council can investigate persistently barking dogs as a noise nuisance. 

How we can help

We can investigate persistently barking dogs as a noise nuisance. More information about noise nuisance.

We can investigate dog on dog attacks and other dog control issues, will try and mediate between aggrieved parties to find solutions, and can issue warning notices where the evidence supports it.  

How to report it to us

If you are a Council Tenant or are reporting issues at a council property, please report it to us below:

Report anti-social behaviour online

You can make a noise complaint online using the form below:

Report a noise complaint

Other dog control issues can be reported below:

Report a dog problem

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