Regular fires or bonfires that are likely to affect the quality of life of those in the local community.

Smoke nuisance relating to garden bonfires and black or dark smoke from trade or industrial premises.

What you can do to help resolve the issue

Try to speak to the person responsible for the fire before you contact us. The direct approach may be awkward, but if you can explain the problem it is causing, they may be more considerate in future

If you don't feel happy speaking to them, you could put a note through their door explaining the problem.

Who you need to speak to

Incidents relating to the burning of trade or agricultural waste, should be referred to the Environment Agency.

Smoke affecting highway safety should be reported to Leicestershire Police

The Council can investigate smoke from regular garden bonfires or smoke nuisance.

How we can help

Just because you can see a garden bonfire or smell smoke does not make it a nuisance - to be a nuisance it must be unreasonably affecting your use or enjoyment of your property. Issues that can play a part in deciding whether it is a nuisance include the size of the fire, the materials being burnt, the weather and the smell.

The Council can act where smoke from bonfires is causing a statutory nuisance, and there are specific regulations which apply to waste generated as a result of a commercial activity, or waste that will cause dark or black smoke. None of these materials can be disposed of by burning.

If the Council is satisfied there is a nuisance, then a legal notice may be served to prevent any further nuisances. If nuisances continue and are proved beyond all reasonable doubt, then the person responsible may be prosecuted in a Magistrates' Court and fined up to £5,000.

More information on bonfires and smoke nuisance.

How to report it to us

Report a pollution problem to us

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