Noisy unreasonable behaviour which is targeted at an individual or likely to affect the local community.

We are generally unable to assist with complaints about noise caused by the following:

  • One-off events such as a party / barbeque at a neighbouring dwelling.
  • Children playing, for example, in a garden, public space or park.
  • Day-to-day domestic noise (for example, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, washing machines, vacuuming).

What you can do to help resolve the issue:

  • If you can, try to speak to the person causing the noise before you contact us.
  • If you don't feel happy speaking to them, you could write to them instead.
  • People might not realise their noise is causing problems and letting them know how it affects you may resolve the issue.

Who you need to speak to

If you are a tenant of a housing association, you should contact your housing association first to see if they can resolve the matter, for example by referring you to mediation if that is offered by the provider.   

Where complaints are anonymous, our response is likely to be limited because there will be no victim to talk to about the problem being experienced.

The Council can investigate noise nuisance complaints.

How we can help

We can write to the person responsible, if you agree, and tell them about the complaint, asking them to try to prevent any more problems.

We may ask you to keep a noise nuisance diary for two weeks, detailing when you hear the noise and how it affects you. The diary is used to illustrate a pattern of events, which is essential information if monitoring is to be carried out and helps to put the alleged nuisance into perspective.

If the problem continues, we will try to witness the noise, and this may include the use of noise monitoring equipment.

We will look to use non- legal/informal powers including mediation, verbal or written warnings, or Acceptable Behaviour Contracts to try and find a solution, however where this is not effective, and where supported by the evidence and appropriate, we can escalate our approach to the use of legal powers.

How to report it to us

If you are a Council Tenant or are reporting issues at a council property, please report it to us using the following link:

Report anti-social behaviour online

If you are not a Council tenant or you are not complaining about noise from a Council property, please report it to us using the following link:

Make a noise complaint online

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