Assault, Harassment, intimidation, verbal abuse, and threats of violence are criminal offences.

What you can do to help resolve the issue

These issues should be reported to the Police.  When you make your report to the Police be prepared and have information to hand on:

  • Who is doing it.
  • Whether your physical or mental health has been affected.
  • When the incident happened (date and time).
  • How often the incidents have happened.
  • The details of any witnesses or other evidence.

Who you need to speak to

If someone is in immediate danger, or you believe a crime is in progress you should call 999 now. You can call Leicestershire Police on 101, the non-emergency Police number. You can also report crime via the Leicestershire Police website.

If the incident involves a Council property when you’ve reported the issue it to the Police, please report it to us. On your report, please specify the details of the incident, your incident report number, and the name of the Police officer you spoke to.  

How we can help

We will work in partnership with the Police, including asking for information relating to the outcome of your report to them.  We will decide whether action can be taken by us, and how we may be able to support you, for example by referring you for Victim Support.

How to report it to us

Report anti-social behaviour online

Last updated: Mon 17th July, 2023 @ 16:05