This consists of detailed plans being drawn up and submitted to us by the owner of the work or by his or her agent.

Included with the plans should be:

  • A site location plan (this service must only be used in this case for building regulations applications)
  • A full plans application form
  • An appropriate payment. For a competitive quote contact us on:
    • Domestic work: 01509 634924 or 01509 634757
    • Commercial work: 01509 634758 or 01509 634756
    • Email:

This method is only valid if the work has not yet started. We recommend that you hire a fully qualified person to draw up your plans. These are used to decide whether the building regulations will be met and badly designed plans could result in a rejection. 

The advantage of the full plans method is that once the plans are approved, they guarantee that the building work you will be undertaking will comply with the building regulations.

Once a full plans notice is submitted

Once submitted to us, the plans will be assessed by our building control Surveyor to make sure that they comply with building regulations and we will contact you with any problems that we find. 

Within five to eight weeks, your application will either be:

  • Approved, if the plans show that the work will comply with building regulations
  • Approved subject to conditions, if certain conditions need to be met to ensure you comply with building regulations
  • Rejected, if the plans do not show that all requirements of the Building Regulations will be met.

In the event that the plans have been approved with conditions or rejected, you will need to correct the problem and re-submit your application before any work on the site starts.

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