Regularisation applications allow for:

  • The owners of building work to gain building regulations consent for work that has already been carried out and completed. This is only needed where the work was carried out on or after November 11, 1985.
  • The owners of building work to apply for building regulations consent for work that is underway but not completed and for which neither a Full Plans Application nor a Building Notice has been submitted to us.

The process

Plans of the building work are submitted to us along with a regularisation application Form by the owner of the building work or by his or her agent.

Where the building work has been completed, our Building Control Surveyor will make an inspection and advise that any work that is in contravention of the technical requirements of the building regulations should be corrected.

There is a fee for submitting a regularisation application. Please contact us on the following for a competitive quote;

After the process

At the end of the process we will state in writing either that:

  • The work does not comply with the building regulations for specific reasons
  • It is not possible for us to determine whether the work complies with the building regulations
  • The work does comply with the building regulations.

In the latter case, a regularisation certificate will be issued to the person who submitted the regularisation application.

In the case where building work is still in progress, the person carrying out the work is obliged to notify the Building Control Surveyor at certain stages to that site inspections can be made.

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