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Garden waste sticker FAQs

Why are you doing this?

We have noticed that some bins are being put out at properties which have not paid for the service. Therefore in order to run an efficient service, we need a system in place to make sure garden waste subscribers’ bins are collected

What if I move home within Charnwood?

If you move while your subscription is still valid, let us know at least two weeks in advance and we will transfer the subscription to your new address. Leave your bin/ bins at your current property and we will issue replacement permits to stick on the bin at your new house and it will continue to be collected until the subscription runs out and it is time to renew.

If there is not a bin at your new home, just let us know and we will make sure that a bin is delivered in good time.

What if I move to a new home which is outside the borough?

You will have to arrange your garden waste to be collected with your new local authority, if they provide a service. Unfortunately, we are not able to refund partially used subscriptions

I’ve just moved to a home where the previous owner/ tenant had paid for the garden waste service, do I have to pay straight away?

In that case, just continue to use the brown bin and we will continue emptying  it until the subscription runs out. After that you will have to renew it under your name

I have two brown garden waste bins, will I get two stickers?

Yes. You will need to pay for a subscription for both bins and therefore you will receieve a sticker for each bin.

My brown bin has not been collected?

This means either you do not have a current subscription or, items we cannot collect under this service have been placed in the bin. Please see our garden waste page for information about what can and can’t go in your brown garden bin.

Our refuse crews will place a hanger on your bin explaining the reason why it has not been collected. To arrange a subscription and have your bin emptied, please sign up using the online form or phone 01509 634563. 

If your bin is contaminated with things we cannot collect, please remove the inappropriate items and we will empty it when the next collection is due.

What do I do with my bin once I have cancelled the service?

The bin remains the property of the Council and once you have cancelled the service, please place the bin in an accessible location at the boundary of your property where you normally leave it on collection day. It will then be collected within 7 working days.

You can download a full list of FAQs here.

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