Kocherpartie Schwaebisch Hall[1]Each year, the town of Schwäbisch Hall offers a summer scholarship to study German with the Goethe Institute, popular with students from around the world. 

The scholarship lasts four weeks.

The scholarship was put on hold during the Coronavirus pandemic. When it returns, details will appear on this webpage.

Schwäbisch Hall

The German town, twinned with Loughborough, meets the cost of course fees, board and lodgings, meaning the student only has to meet cost of travel to and from Schwäbisch Hall.

The students have the opportunity to improve the German language in both speaking and writing and also take the opportunity to see Germany.

Schwäbisch Hall is a small town but has a lot to offer young people.

Schwabisch Hall Coat of Arms

The town has a number of museums, an open air pool, two cinemas, great theatre plays and loads of other exciting opportunities.

Schwäbisch Hall is lively and has a large student population. There are many schools, the Goethe Institute and a college.   

Applying for a scholarship

Applicants of the Goethe Institute scholarship should:

a) be aged between 18 and 26 years

b) has studied/is studying German and has a basic understanding of the language;

c) Has been/is a resident of Loughborough, or failing that of the Borough, or failing that, attending an educational establishment in the Borough

d) be able to gain from the experience socially, vocationally and academically.

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