Loughborough Science & Enterprise Park is one of a number of strategic sites identified in the Local Plan Core Strategy.

This page provides relevant information about the support for the continued development of the Park.

Exploiting the full commercial potential of the University is a priority shared with the University, Leicestershire County Council, Charnwood Together and Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership.

Loughborough Science and Enterprise Park Concept Masterplan Framework February 2016

We have commissioned architectural consultants, Hawkins Brown, and commercial property experts, Cushman Wakefield, in the preparation of a concept master plan to explore how the Science and Enterprise Park might be developed within the approved policy framework emerging from the Charnwood Local Plan Core Strategy (November 2015).

The preparation of the document has engaged partners including Loughborough University, Wilson Bowden and key public service agencies. It presents a range of options and an overall illustrative solution supported by statements about its viability and delivery. However, the plan is not binding for any party and certain aspects give cause for concern among some partners, including the University.

The Masterplan Concept Framework has provided a forum for partner engagement which will provide a spring board for further informed debate and options appraisal before detailed proposals are worked up in the years ahead. That work in turn will lead to fully evidenced planning applications on which detailed consultation will take place before further development is approved.

Strategic Economic Plan 2014 - 2020

The Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnerships Strategic Economic Plan 2014 – 2020 identifies LUSEP as one of four transformational priorities across Leicester and Leicestershire.

The plan presents an exceptional opportunity to develop an internationally significant centre for knowledge based employment.

Leicester and Leicestershire City Deal 2014

The Leicester and Leicestershire City Deal (March 2014) has recognised the delivery of Loughborough University Science & Enterprise Park (Phase II) as a core component of the area’s wider growth strategy.

£3.95 million of government and EU funding supported by £600,000 from the borough and County Council will leverage £2.85 million of private sector investment to deliver an Advanced Technology Innovation Centre together with the provision of infrastructure to service Phase II (8 hectares).

Loughborough Science & Enterprise Park Study 2012/13

In partnership with the County Council, we commissioned Kathrin Peters and Charles Monck to review the evidence base for the continued development of the Science & Enterprise Park.

Peters and Monck were also commissioned jointly by us and Loughborough University to prepare a business plan providing a vision and framework of required actions to ensure the expansion of the Science and Enterprise Park.


The principle of capturing the expertise of Loughborough University to support technology transfer to sustain local economic growth through innovation, research and development has been supported since 1984.

In 1999 a consortium of Leicestershire local authorities and Leicestershire TEC considered the demand for and feasibility of establishing further Science Parks in Leicestershire.

There is a continued commitment to the development of the Science & Enterprise Park through the priorities set out in our Corporate Plan and its Regeneration Strategy and it is central to our Local Plan Core Strategy Vision.

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