Charnwood Borough Council has two Premises Licences for Loughborough Town Centre. 

One licence is for Southfields Park, the other covers other areas of the town centre (including the Market Place and Queen’s Park).

Details of these licences, the activities and areas covered, and the mandatory conditions of use can be found in the following documents:

If you are applying to us for permission to use Loughborough town centre (including Southfields Park, the market place and Queen’s Park) for your event you can also apply to use one, or both, of our Premises Licences. 

Any approval to use our licence(s) will only apply if you are also given our written approval for your event.

You must read the relevant licence(s) and the associated mandatory conditions before submitting your application. Each licence also gives a list of licensable activities and details of the geographical area covered. If you wish to apply, please complete the form below:

The completed form should be sent to: .

If you are undertaking activities outside the scope of the relevant licence (for example the sale of alcohol), or if your event is taking place elsewhere, you may need to apply for your own licence.  Further information can be found at the following web pages:

Information about how to apply to use land owned by Charnwood Borough Council for your event can be found below:

If you have any queries please contact us by contacting us at .

Last updated: Fri 30th September, 2022 @ 14:28