Our Procurement Strategy provides a base for procurement practices which supports the aims of our Corporate Plan and will help us to identify our priorities and set targets for what we plan to achieve.

When partnered with the Contract Procedure Rules, these strategies are designed to reflect current best practice and legislative changes and also provide a framework to enable all officers to demonstrate value for money whilst taking account of other issues such as sustainability.

The strategy aims to address all elements of procurement activity, from identifying the need, considering options, procuring the appropriate goods, services or works, effective supplier and contract management, through to the disposal of assets.

It also addresses the many solutions available to us, from establishing corporate contracts, using collaborative and associated arrangements, through to developing long-term strategic partnerships.

Procurement strategy document

The Corporate Procurement Strategy is supported by corporate systems that provide guidance and support for all our officers who procure goods, services and works.

This document sets out our strategic approach to procurement. It is not intended to be a Procurement manual; however, the principles contained within this strategy should be applied to all procurement activity.

Consideration of this strategy is not optional and it should be read in conjunction with the Contract Procedure Rules.

Procurement rules and regulations

Our contracts procedure rules provide a clear process for the procurement of goods, works and services for the council. The purpose of these rules is to ensure a system of openness, integrity and accountability.

In turn this will lead to better value for money and give confidence to all concerned that we are fulfilling our responsibilities. Every contract made by or on behalf of the council must comply with these procedure rules, related code(s) of practice and our financial procedure rules.

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