We are responsible for maintaining most of the boundary hedges, the fencing, and roadways.

Plot holders are responsible for maintaining the face of any perimeter hedge and any internal hedges on their plot.

Tenants are urged to compost as much green waste as possible themselves, otherwise it may go to landfill. Please take care to ensure that only green waste is put in the bins and not soil. If soil is put into these bins, we are unable to empty them.

Garden waste bins

All garden waste bins are emptied on a Monday on a weekly basis except bins on Ingle Pingle allotment. Bins for Ingle Pingle are emptied fortnightly on a Tuesday if tenants have presented their bin at the designated collection point.

Only garden waste can be place in the bins.  No soil, rubble or other items are allowed and therefore soil must be removed from the roots of any plants before they are placed in the bins.

If the bins have soil or rubble in or they are too heavy, our contractors will not be able to empty them.

Reporting issues

Please report any issues using our online form below. 

If it is an emergency, please call 01509 634563

If the has been any criminal damage this must also be reported to the police and the crime number supplied, please on the below form.

Allotment applications and enquiries

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