In order to provide our allotment tenants with a more cost effective and efficient service, we are using email for more of our correspondence.

If you are an allotment tenant  with your name, plot number and site.

Allotments in Charnwood

Allotments are an important part of our culture and provide a wide range of benefits to communities and to the environment. They have many advantages such as providing fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers, free from pollutants, at a fraction of the cost paid in supermarkets.

They also provide valuable recreational opportunities for healthy physical activity and social contact, a place where people can relax and unwind. Allotments make a significant contribution to our green spaces, and provide habitats for many forms of wildlife.

All of our allotments are in Loughborough. If you require an allotment outside of Loughborough, please contact your local town or parish council.

Please click on the links below to see the location of each site on a map:

To rent an allotment from CBC, please fill in the “allotment application form” at the top of the page and send back to CBC.

Taking on an allotment

Taking on an allotment requires long term dedication through frequent visits and hard work in order to keep them to an acceptable standard of cultivation.

We operate a waiting list for all of our allotment sites and once you are added to the list we will call you on the phone number provided when your name comes up next on the waiting list.

Garden waste and site maintenance

We are responsible for maintaining most of the boundary hedges, the fencing and roadways. Plot holders are responsible for maintaining the face of any perimeter hedge and any internal hedges on their plot.

Tenants are urged to compost as much green waste as possible themselves, otherwise it may go to landfill. Please take care to ensure that only green waste is put in the bins and not soil. If soil is put into these bins we are unable to empty them.

All garden waste bins are emptied on a Monday on a weekly basis except bins on Ingle Pingle allotment. Bins for Ingle Pingle are emptied fortnightly on a Tuesday as long as tenants have presented their bin at the designated collection point.

Asbestos on Council Allotment Sites

The Council is aware of a limited presence of asbestos on some allotment sites across Loughborough. The removal of asbestos from the site may not be necessary in all circumstances; however, an assessment will need to be made in order to determine this.

If you would like to report the presence of asbestos on an allotment site please email or call 01509 634563.

How to rent an allotment

Rents are reviewed annually. In 2022/23, the annual rent for an allotments is below.

This includes water charges, site maintenance and removal of garden waste.

Please note: There is also a £10 key deposit for each site.

50% Concessionary rates are available for people who meet the following criteria:

  • You are aged 60 or over - We will require a form of ID when taking the plot on (i.e. a passport, driving licence, bus pass showing your date of birth), or, if you are already a plot holder, when you turn 60 you will need to contact us and send a copy of your ID to get concessionary rates.

  • You are a student - we will require a copy of your Council Tax student certificate.

  • You are unemployed - we will require proof of your unemployment benefits.

If you are interested in taking on one of our allotments, please download and complete the relevant form and return it to us either by email or post.

A guide to annual rent costs*

Plot size

No concessions 2022/23

84 sq. m / 100 sq. yards


Plot size

No concessions 2023/24

84 sq. m / 100 sq. yards


*Due to the wide variations in plot size, accessibility and machinery needed, a single price is impractical. Individual prices will be given on request.

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