Allotments are an important part of our culture and provide a wide range of benefits to communities and to the environment.

They have many advantages such as providing fresh vegetables, fruit, and flowers, free from pollutants, at a fraction of the cost paid in supermarkets.

They also provide valuable recreational opportunities for healthy physical activity and social contact, a place where people can relax and unwind. Allotments make a significant contribution to our green spaces and provide habitats for many forms of wildlife.

Allotments are very rewarding, but require commitment, you will need to visit regularly and put in the effort to see the benefits and to keep it to an acceptable standard of cultivation. For guidance on standards of cultivation please see the rules and regulations webpage.

The Royal Horticulture Society's (UK’s leading gardening charity) advice for a half plot, beginners should do eight hours of gardening a week. 

Location of allotments

All our allotments are in Loughborough. If you require an allotment in a different area, please contact your local town or parish council.

Please click on the links below to see the location of each site on a map:

How to rent a plot

Due to demand, we have a waiting list for allotments. We have approximately 200 people waiting for a plot to become available and on average the waiting time is 2-3 years.

If you wish to be added to the waiting list, please complete the below application form. As plots become available, we contact the next person on the waiting list, who has requested a plot on the same site.

Allotment applications and enquiries

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