Trees add beauty to the landscape of the borough and contribute to forming it's varying characters, such as the Charnwood Forest and the Soar Valley. 

We are committed to managing the tree population within Charnwood to ensure it is conserved, sustained and developed for the benefit of future generations.

Hedgerow protection

Under the Hedgerows Regulations 1997 it is against the law to remove or destroy certain hedgerows without our permission. you will need permission before removing hedges that are:

  • 20 metres or more in length (less if connected to other hedges)
  • over 30 years old
  • of historic or wildlife value as defined under the regulations.

Proper management of hedges does not require permission and residential hedges are not covered by these regulations.

High hedge control

We have the power to deal with complaints relating to high hedges which are evergreen or semi-evergreen and more than 2m in height.

Where a complainant has tried and exhausted all other avenues for resolving a dispute, a high hedge complaint may be taken to us, where we will decide whether the hedge is adversely affecting the complainant’s reasonable enjoyment of their property.

More information on high hedges and how to complain

Last updated: Tue 14th February, 2023 @ 15:54