We are responsible for managing and maintaining over 60,000 trees located at our parks, open spaces, wildlife areas and other properties.

Trees on housing land are the responsibility of Housing Tenancy Services.

To find out if a tree or hedge is on council land, contact us on 01509 634565.

Alternatively you can view the Charnwood-owned land layer on the interactive maps system.

If you see a tree on council or public land that you feel is dangerous please call us on the number above and let us know. We will inspect the tree as a matter of urgency and take the necessary action to remove the danger.

Requests for work on council-owned trees

Every year we receive endless requests for work to be carried out on council-owned trees. Most of these are to prune or fell trees which the resident considers to be causing a nuisance. 

While we would like to answer every request sent to us it is not possible, although we make every effort to respond to all tree matters involving safety.

Detailed information on how we evaluate requests can be found within the tree policy. If, after reading the tree policy information, you wish to continue with a request, contact us below:

Request work to council trees online

Roadside trees

Trees on roadside verges, roundabouts and pavements are usually the responsibility of Leicestershire County Council

As highway authority, the County Council are also responsible for monitoring privately owned roadside trees and liaising with tree owners when maintenance works are required.

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