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Environmental protection

Top tasks:

Upcoming event: Hathern Park, Pasture Lane, hathern from Saturday June 9 to Saturday June 16, 2018. Incase of a noise concern please call Ban Hardy on 01507 752995.

Our environmental protection team is responsible for monitoring air quality, investigating nuisance noise, smoke, dust, odours and other pollution, controlling pollution from industrial processes and dealing with contaminated land.

Working closely with our customers we have set ourselves some service objectives which we monitor on an ongoing basis. We use customer surveys to measure ourselves against these objectives and to inform how to seek to improve the service.

  • Tel: 01509 634636

We do not offer a 24-hour service to react to complaints. Please contact us on 01509 634567 to make a complaint outside office hours. These calls are recorded by our contact centre and will be referred through to us on the next working day.

Odour Nuisance in Wanlip.

We are aware of odour issues arising from sewage treatment and waste activities in Wanlip and are working to ensure all is being done to minimise the nuisance impacts on nearby residential areas.

Leaflets and factsheets

We have a range of factsheets covering the most common type of enquiry we receive as well as further advice on how to maintain a good relationship with your neighbours. We also have an example letter that can be tailored for personal use.

 These documents are available upon request or from our council office reception area.

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