Domestic premises, such as homes, are charged at £66 inc VAT for treatment of the affected area.

We also offer this treatment service in commercial premises at a charge of £45.70 + VAT per hour. If you think you have a flea infestation and would like a treatment you can report it in the following way:

Report a problem with insects in a domestic property

Report a problem with insects in a commercial property

Or you can telephone us on 01509 634628.

Those who receive income support, pension credit, job seekers allowance (income based), housing benefit, council tax support or universal credit can apply for a 50% discount.


The majority of flea infestations are of cat fleas and control involves the dis-infestation of the family cats using proprietary powders, shampoos or collars.

This must be carried out by the householder, combined with the dis-infestation of the cats bedding and areas of the house likely to be affected. Control can be achieved by the Pest Control Officer in most cases by use of insecticide liquid.

This is sprayed mainly on the floor area and instructions are given to the householder to refrain from vacuuming, cleaning, etc. for a period of time so that the insecticide has a residual effect. In this way eggs, larvae and adult fleas are eradicated.

For the treatment to be successful it is necessary for householders to follow the instructions listed in our information leaflet:

Fleas - Pre and Post Treatment Advice

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