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Domestic premises, such as homes, are charged at £50 inc VAT for the affected area.

We also carry out wasp treatments at commercial premises at a charge of £45.00 + VAT. These charges are for one nest only, any additional nests will be charged at £12 per nest at the time of the initial treatment.

Those who receive income support, pension credit, job seekers allowance (income based), housing benefit, council tax support or universal credit can apply for a 50% discount.

If you think you have a problem with wasps and would like a treatment you can report it in the following way:

Report a problem with insects in a domestic property

Report a problem with insects in a commercial property

Or you can telephone us on 01509 634628

There is no need to kill every wasp you see. In the summer they perform the useful task of killing hundreds of other insects that are themselves a problem in the home and garden. So if wasps are tolerable, leave them alone.

On the other hand, if you are being pestered by dozens of wasps daily then there is probably a colony nearby that may need treatment. If you think you have a problem with wasps and would like a treatment please contact us on:


Experience tells us that nests are not sufficiently established to warrant treatment until early July. Once the weather becomes colder, during autumn all the wasps will die except the new queens which will fly away to find hibernation sites. 

Old nests are not recognised the following year.  A new nest may be established next to an old one.  It is not necessary to remove an old nest (we do not remove nests). Our treatment will consist of spraying an insecticide into the entrance hole that the wasps are using which will kill the nest. 

We do not carry out treatment from ladders but have equipment that will reach up to gutter height on a normal two storey house.  If we are unable to carry out a treatment we will not charge for the service.

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