Domestic premises will be charged £92 inc VAT and we will treat bed bugs in up to three treatment rooms in the affected home.

Each additional room will be charged at £25 inc VAT. We also offer this treatment service in commercial premises at a charge of £45.70 + VAT per hour.

If you think you have a bed bug infestation and would like a treatment you can report it in the following way:

Report a problem with insects in a domestic property

Report a problem with insects in a commercial property

Or you can telephone us on 01509 634628

Those who receive income support, pension credit, job seekers allowance (income based), housing benefit, council tax support or universal credit can apply for a 50% discount.


Treatment involves assessing the extent of the problem and spraying the affected room(s) with an insecticide. This sometimes involves dismantling and moving beds and furniture.

Once the treatment has been carried out it is necessary to continue to use the rooms as normal. Not using the beds will result in the bed bugs becoming inactive and waiting for your return, they can withstand starvation for many months.

The treatment is not instantaneous but works over a period of time. For the treatment to be successful it is necessary for householders to follow the instructions listed in this document: 

Bedbugs - Pre and Post Treatment Advice

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