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Our pest control service

For the latest information on service changes, advice and support, please visit

Our offices are now closed to the public so we would encourage you to access services and information through this website.

Grants payments to businesses are now available. Please visit

Please note: Unfortunately, due to staffing issues because of the coronavirus pandemic we have taken the decision to suspend this service, including existing visits. We will continue to review this decision in line with government advice. For the latest information on service changes, visit

For all other pests we would advise to either consider employing a private pest control company to carry out a treatment or try and treat yourself using traps or poison which is available over the counter, (please follow the instructions on the product labels if you use over-the-counter poisons).

There is information on our website or you could visit the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) website.

Professional membership of either the BPCA or the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) are advised for you to look out for when looking at obtaining a private contractor.

If you rent your property we suggest you speak to your landlord/housing association for any assistance they may be able to give.

Our Pest Control Officers are fully qualified and experienced officers.

Our service regularly receives over 90% of customers reporting that the service is good or excellent for reliability and overall satisfaction.

We offer a high quality, effective and comprehensive treatment for rats, mice and some insects; such as wasps and fleas. Find out about the treatment services that we offer and if there is a charge by clicking on the links below:

We do not provide a pest control treatment for the following pests;

  • bees, cable bug, carpet beetle, cluster flies, earwigs, foxes, garden ants, mink, moles, pigeon, rabbits, woodlice, squirrels.

Although we do offer a service to treat wasp nests, we do not treat bees as they are a beneficial insect. If you are unsure if you have a problem with bees or wasps please click on the link for a guide on identifying these insects.

We currently do not offer a service to treat squirrels. If you are a Council tenant and currently have an issue with squirrels within your home then please contact Tenancy Services to discuss this further.

Customer feedback

Feedback from our customers is essential for assessing the quality of this service and provides useful indicators of successes or shortcomings in service delivery.

Our customers currently report that 100% consider the service to be either satisfactory, good or excellent. We invite comments on the quality of service provided through our pest control customer satisfaction survey. If you wish to discuss or comment on our service please do not hesitate to contact us on:

  • Tel: 01509 634 628
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