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Garendon Park Development FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions for the Garendon Park development can be found below:

When will the development begin?

The work is anticipated to start early in 2020 although there will be initial works to the A512 starting in July 2019 and work to construct the A6 roundabout starting in September 2019.  The scheme will take approximately 15 years to build in total.

Will there be affordable housing on the site?

A total of 25% of dwellings on the site will be affordable. These will be a mix of housing types, including extra care units and bungalows and sizes and will be distributed throughout the site.

Will the Historic Garendon Park be open to the public?

Garendon Park will be opened up during phase one of the development. Access will be via a series of approved footpaths and cycleways that will be permanently open.

There will not be free roaming across the whole park because of the need to protect the heritage assets and landscape and a great deal of the land will remain in agricultural use providing a peaceful rural backdrop for visitors. The assets within the park will be sensitively restored. These include:

  • The triumphal arch
  • The temple of venus
  • The entrance archway to the hall
  • The obelisk
  • The barns and outbuildings
  • The boundary wall
  • Stonebow Bridge

The lodges within the park will remain in residential use and are not included in the restoration programme. There will be a small visitor car park to the north and possibly a small visitor centre in the future.

Who will look after the park and other public spaces/buildings?

A series of management companies will be set up across the development, including one that specifically deals with the historic park. These will operate on a non-profit basis and will be funded by a small annual charge to residents and the income that the facilities themselves generate (fees for the sports facilities for example). They will be responsible for a regular maintenance schedule that will be set out in an approved estate management plan. 

Once this document has been agreed a link to it will be provided on the Garendon Park applications webpage.

When will the development Start?

There are still a number of conditions to be discharged and documents to be agreed. There is also the need for detailed reserved matters approval to be achieved for each development parcel within the site.  

The first phase of the development is to be made up of approximately 475 homes in the north accessed via a new roundabout with the A6 south of Hathern. At present it is anticipated that these houses will begin to be built early in 2020. 

The roundabout access off the A6 will supply the first 600 units. A second access point off the A512 will supply the next 600 houses. By the time 1200 houses are occupied the route through the site, (joining the A6 and A512), must be complete and open.

Other key phasing includes:

  • Completion of the heritage asset restoration before 200 houses are occupied
  • Completion of first form of northern primary school before 301 houses are occupied
  • Completion of the northern primary school before 901 houses are occupied
  • Completion of the park and gardens before 1,200 houses are occupied
  • Completion of the sports and community hall before 1,600 houses are occupied
  • Completion of the local centre, health facility and police facility before 1,800 houses are occupied
  • A secondary link to Hathern Road before 2,040 houses are occupied
  • Completion of southern primary school before 2,200 houses are occupied

How will schools be dealt with?

There are two new primary schools within the development each with two forms. These will either be built by the developer of the site or using money from the developer by the County Council.

The legal agreement states that theschools  must be provided in a phased way before set  numbers of the houses are occupied.  During construction the building programme for the schools can be reviewed to reflect pupil numbers within limits set out in the legal agreement.  This review is carried out by a group that meets regularly and includes representatives from the Education Authority, developer and Charnwood. 

This is to make sure that enough spaces are provided but that they are not provided so early that they have to be used for families outside the development.  

Secondary School provision involves the  improvement of facilities and capacity at existing  schools in the area using money from the developer.

Who are the developers?

At present the development is being carried out by Persimmon Homes and William Davis Ltd. There are contact details for them below:


As the project progresses important contact details will be added here. At present the Case Officer at Charnwood Borough Council can be contacted at

William Davis Ltd who are developing some of the properties can be contacted at .

Persimmon Homes who are developing the majority of the site are currently appointing a site manager. His or her contact details will appear here once they are released.

Leicestershire County Council who are conducting the works on the A512 can be contacted here

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