An outline planning application was approved in July 2018.

It includes many background documents that informed the decision.Key ones are linked to here (include link to key documents page). The application documents are listed in full  on the council’s website and can be found here:

Outline planning permission was granted subject to 51 conditions. Many of these require further details to be submitted and approved in writing.  These details are submitted as planning applications called discharge of condition applications. As these are submitted links to them will appear here:

Discharge of condition applications

The following discharge of conditions applications have been submitted:

P/18/2406/2 covers phasing, drainage across the site and a site wide public transport strategy. The application to discharge these conditions has now been approved. Here is a link to the documents:

P/19/0246/2 covers a design framework for phases 1 and 2. This discharge of condition application has now been approved and the details discharged. Below is a link to the documents:

Section 106 Legal Agreement Obligations

There are clauses within the legal agreement that require further details to be submitted and agreed. As these are submitted and agreed links to them will appear here.

Environmental impact

Separate regulations require an assessment of environmental impacts of the scheme alongside the planning application. This was done as part of the original outline planning application for the whole site but it is likely to be revisited with each phase to see if further submissions are needed.

For phase 1 the developer has asked Charnwood whether further information is needed (called a screening opinion) and the decision has been made that no further Environmental Assessment Documents are needed for phase 1.

Below is a link to the documents:

Reserved Matters Planning Applications

Detailed planning applications for areas within the site (the reserved matters) will be made as the development proceeds. Consultation on these will take place in the normal way.

Reserved matters applications have been received for the following phases.

Below are links to the relevant documents:


As the project progresses important contact details will be added here. At present the Case Officer at Charnwood Borough Council can be contacted at

William Davis Ltd who are developing some of the properties can be contacted at .

Persimmon Homes who are developing the majority of the site are currently appointing a site manager. His or her contact details will appear here once they are released.

Leicestershire County Council who are conducting the works on the A512 can be contacted here

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