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Online booking information

Dear Customers, please be aware that there could be disruptions to online payments on Sunday September 22 between 8am and 12pm due to essential maintenance taking place. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Before you proceed to our booking system please take time to read the important information below as it may save you some time. 

If you are booking a holiday activity and want to buy a Wild Card you need to buy the Wild Card first to ensure any discounts are applied correctly.

When booking an activity or buying a Wild Card you need an email address as you will be asked to set up an account or login, if you have an account already, as part of the process. 

If you have purchased a Wild Card previously and this is still current or you have booked an activity before for a young person you should be able to select the young person from your drop down list on the booking form. (Please note wild card discounts are not applied until you reach the Booking Summary page).

Please note: Any bookings made within the valid date of your Wild Card will be honoured, even if your card is no longer valid at the time of your activities.

If the person you are booking for has a current Wild Card that you did not purchase yourself you will need to enter their membership number in the Guest Wild Card field to get any discount to correctly apply - this usually starts with CUS. (Please note wild card discounts are not applied until you reach the Booking Summary page).

If you haven't bought a Wild Card previously or booked an activity for a young person you will also need the following information for each young person to complete your booking or purchase.

  1. Name of young person – include title/first name/surname
  2. Full address of young person – include house number/street name/town/postcode
  3. Young persons date of birth

You will also need to know if:-

  •  You can give consent for photos at activities to be taken of the young person for promotional purposes
  •  The young person has any allergies (and what they are)
  •  The young person needs to take any medications (and what they are)
  •  The young person has any disabilities or medical conditions (and what they are)
  •  The young person has permission to walk home alone from the activity
  •  The name of the school the young person goes to
  •  Two emergency contact numbers (they can be the same if you only have one)

Book your activities

Purchase your Wild Card here

Payments are made by debit/credit card only and must be made at the time of buying or booking.

If you don’t have an email address and need help to create one you can pop in any tine to our Customer Service Centre and our team will be glad to help you do this. You don’t need to make an appointment. 

Thank you for taking the time to read these terms and conditions.

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