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Meet the Sport and Active Rec Team

The Sport & Active Recreation Team is part of Neighbourhood Services in the Neighbourhoods and Community Well Being Directorate.

Our key aims

  • To co-ordinate, develop and increase opportunities for all Charnwood residents to participate in positive sport, leisure, health and physical activity initiatives.
  • To work in partnership with other sport, health and leisure related agencies and key community groups to address local sporting issues and needs.

Meet the team

Julie Robinson - Head of Neighbourhood Services

Zoe Griffiths - Sport & Active Recreation Manager

Sports Development Team

Andrew Doodson - Senior Sports Development Officer

Francesca Betts -  Sports and Community Development Officer

Nathaniel Leney - Divisional Sports & Community Development Manager    

Roy Porter - Community Physical Activity and Play Development Officer          

Georgi Babalev - Graduate Trainee Sport and Physical Activity Development Assistant (Legacy Maker)

Rhian Davies - Neighbourhood Sport Activator

  • Tel: 01509 634965


Active Recreation Team

Will Blanche - Senior Active Recreation Development Officer            

Matthew Richardson - Community Sport and Physical Activity Development Officer                     

Sam Chamberlain - Community Sport and Physical Activity Development Officer                     

Carol Dixon - Cardiac Rehabilitation Officer (Heart Smart)               

Tina Coles - Active Lifestyle Development Officer(Exercise Referral and walks)

Kerry Powers – Early Years Physical Activity Development Officer   (Early Years Physical Development)

Bryony Williamson - Adminsitrative Officer

  • Tel: 01509 634673


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