A set of self assessment forms have been developed for you to assess whether or not you require planning permission for your proposed development work.

It is important that you answer all questions correctly, as problems can occur if you carry out any work without permission.

If you answer 'yes' to any questions or your proposal does not comply with all the specified conditions then you will need to submit a planning application.

You will always require planning permission for any change-of-use from public open space land or amenity area to residential use and for erecting any fencing that facilitates such change of use.

Before completing any assessment please visit the Planning Portal and use their Interactive house visual guides for simple, step-by-step guidance.

Downloadable self assessment forms

Extensions - Attached to the dwelling - includes conservatories, garages etc. and alterations to include windows, verandas, balconies etc.

Outbuildings - Includes sheds, greenhouses and garages as well as other ancillary garden buildings such as swimming pools, ponds, sauna cabins, kennels, enclosures (including tennis courts) and containers for domestic heating etc.

Porches (on an external door of a house)

Roofs - Includes additions or alterations to a roof including dormers, roof extensions, roof lights, reroofing etc.

Chimneys, Flues, Soil, or Vent Pipes

Access, Hardstanding and Walls/Fencing - Drives, hardstandings, walls, fences, gates, access, dropped kerbs, etc.

Additional storeys – the addition of extra storeys on top of an existing house.

Last updated: Thu 3rd September, 2020 @ 14:51