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Domestic premises are treated free for rats, with commercial premises charged at a minimum of £92.50 + VAT for the initial visit and two revisits.

Any further visits that are required will be charged at £43.50 + VAT. If you think you have a rat infestation and would like a treatment you can report it in the following way:

Report a problem with rats in a domestic property

Report a problem with rats in a commercial property

Or you can telephone us on 01509 634628

Alternatively we offer monitoring contracts for commercial premises which require visits throughout the year at regular intervals. Contact us on the details above for more information and to arrange a visit to assess the size of the contract.

Customer Feedback: “Your officer was polite, attentive and careful in his placing of the bait so as not to harm our pets. When the problem was not finished after the first attempt he moved the bait location and success was achieved. Excellent operative”


Treatment involves assessing the extent of the problem, laying baits or traps as necessary, revisiting to check baits regularly and removing the baits at the end of the treatment.

As rats will seek out any kind of food they can, during treatment the rats need to find the poison that is put down more enticing than anything else.  To make any treatment a success you should ensure there are no other food sources available to distract them.

If you feed the birds we would recommend you stop doing this especially during treatment.

  • Signs of a rat infestation could be: Holes, Droppings, Runs, Smear marks, Damage, Tracks, Nests, Sightings

How to help prevent rat infestations

  • Compost bins should be paced on solid bases
  • Vegetation against walls should be cut back to stop rats/mice getting into your property
  • Remove over hanging branches from trees touching the roof to prevent rats/mice getting into the loft space
  • Check for holes around the outside of the house, especially waste pipes and air bricks
  • If you see a rat in your garden and you feed the birds stop feeding straight away as this will be encouraging rats into your garden.
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