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2020 Carbon Pledge

In 2015 we launched the 2020 Carbon Pledge to reduce our carbon footprint by 15 per cent by 2020.

With the help of the Carbon Trust we created a Carbon Management Plan which included a number of measures to help cut the estimated 2,161 tonnes of C02 produced by our activities every year. This figure was based on information from 2012/13 and has been used as a baseline for this project.

Carbon Pledge 2020The following projects have already been implemented.

  • installed highly energy-efficient LED lighting and controls in Beehive Lane car park and communal areas of sheltered housing
  • installed more energy-efficient heating systems in Charnwood Museum and Woodgate Chambers
  • purchased four electric vehicles to replace diesel vehicles
  • introduced a scheme to encourage staff to reduce energy use and waste

Progress is being made

We have now had the monitoring report for 2016/17 which shows what we have achieved so far. An outline of the report can be seen below:   


  • A 21 per cent decrease in our carbon footprint 
  • A financial saving of 12 percent, going from £727,361 in 2012/13 down to £639,683 in 2016/17 

Building emissions 

  • A decrease in electricity emissions of 18 per cent 
  • A decrease in natural gas emissions of 18 per cent 
  • Electricity consumption in council buildings only decreased by 3 per cent 
  • Natural gas consumption decreased by 18 per cent 
  • Fleet transport emissions decreased by 45 per cent 
  • Waste emissions increased by 36 per cent
  • Water emissions decreased by 15 per cent 

Although these reductions are very positive, there are some factors outside of the council's control which have contributed to the reduction.

The projects that we have implemented have accounted for nine per cent of the 21 per cent reduction against the baseline.

The other 12 per cent has been due to more renewables providing electricity to the grid across the UK. The gas and heating energy savings have been due to warmer weather in recent years meaning a reduced need for heating. 

However, it is likely the council will reach and probably exceed its ambitious target of a 15 per cent reduction by 2020. 

Read the full Carbon Management Plan Monitoring Report 2016/17 (PDF Document, 1.31 Mb)

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