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2020 Carbon Pledge

In 2015 we launched the 2020 Carbon Pledge to reduce our carbon footprint by 15 per cent by 2020.

With the help of the Carbon Trust we created a Carbon Management Plan which included a number of measures to help cut the estimated 2,132 tonnes of C02 produced by our activities every year. This figure was based on information from 2012/13 and has been used as a baseline for this project.

Carbon Pledge 2020The following projects have already been implemented.

  • installed highly energy-efficient LED lighting and controls in Beehive Lane car park and communal areas of sheltered housing
  • installed more energy-efficient heating systems in Charnwood Museum and Woodgate Chambers
  • purchased four electric vehicles to replace diesel vehicles
  • introduced a scheme to encourage staff to reduce energy use and waste

Progress is being made

We have now been able to properly assess progress in the year 2015/16 as collecting and analysing the data for carbon management takes a bit of time.

We now know that our activities produced 1,711 tonnes of CO2 in 2015/16 – a reduction of 20 per cent on the baseline figure. 

While this is great news we accept some of this has been due to factors outside of our control.

One factor is emissions related to the national grid have reduced as more renewable energy is used and less coal. However, the data suggests our emissions still would have reduced by 10 per cent because we used less energy.

Another factor is the warmer weather in recent years which means we haven’t needed so much heating.

These factors have helped our carbon reduction but they could change in the next couple of years so we will have to wait until 2020 before we know if we have been successful in reducing our carbon footprint by 15 per cent.

Our carbon management plan estimates that if we introduce all of our planned measures we can save £85,000 a year from 2020.

We still have more steps to take under the carbon management plan, including using more LED lighting and more energy efficient heating systems. More details can be found in our Carbon Management Plan.

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