Details on how we plan to tackle the impact of climate change in Charnwood can be found in the Climate Change Strategy and Climate Change Strategy Action Plan.

Climate Change Strategy 2023-2030

Climate Change Strategy Action Plan 2023-2030

Climate Change Strategy

The Climate Change Strategy 2023-30 sets out how the Council will work in partnership with communities, residents, organisations, and businesses to reduce emissions and help look after the environment. It also references the Council’s existing efforts to reduce its own carbon footprint.

The strategy was drawn up following a consultation exercise earlier this year and is split into seven themes:

  • Transport
  • Planning, Land Use and Biodiversity
  • Buildings and Heating (energy)
  • Resources including Food and Waste
  • Business and Economy
  • Governance and Finance
  • Partnership and Communication

The strategy sets out the Council’s aims to replace its petrol and diesel vehicles with electric vehicles and reduce energy consumptions in its buildings and properties.

Government plug-in car scheme

You can get a grant from the government towards the cost of each new electric (plug-in) car or van you buy, if it meets certain conditions.

For more information on the Government plug-in car scheme visit the website.

Charnwood’s Carbon Footprint

Would you like to know more about your local community’s emissions?

The Impact Community Carbon Calculator is a digital visualisation tool that helps us understand our Community’s Carbon Footprint.  Impact has been designed to give us a better idea of where to target our efforts for the greatest impact in tackling Climate Change.  It is available to Parishes, Wards and Local Authority areas to help identify the areas, where taking action to tackle Climate Change can make the biggest difference.

To access the tool, visit the Impact Tool website.

The full PDF report on Charnwood Borough’s Carbon Footprint, both the scale of emissions and the main activities responsible for the emissions, can be found below:

Individually you can measure your environmental impact at the World Wildlife Fund website.

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