The high demand for social housing means that we need to ensure that any properties which have been let are occupied.

If you believe that a property has been abandoned please contact your Tenancy and Estate Management Officer on 01509 634666 or email .


Non-occupation of a property is a direct breach of the tenancy agreement which states that 'you must reside continuously in the property as your only or principle home'.

Abandoned and empty homes can also have a negative visual impact on estates and can be susceptible to vandalism and squatting.

Reports of abandonment

We respond quickly to reports of abandonment, and will carry out a visit to the property within 24 hours unless a tenant has advised us of their intentions and terminated their tenancy.

Following an investigation into a report of abandonment, if the Tenancy and Estate Management Officers believe that the property has been abandoned they will take the necessary steps to recover possession of the property.

Last updated: Fri 31st May, 2024 @ 09:09