Council tenants who need to move can either swap properties with another secure social tenant anywhere in the country, or they can apply to join the transfer list on our Housing Register. 

Mutual exchange

Our secure tenants have the right to exchange properties with another secure or assured tenant in the UK. Landlords can only refuse permission for a tenancy exchange if there are reasonable grounds for doing so. 

We are a member of the national HomeSwapper scheme - the UK's largest online community of social housing tenants who want to swap homes. Register online using the above link to apply for a mutual exchange.

You can apply for a mutal exchange using the form below:

For further advice and information please contact your Tenancy and Estate Management Officer on 01509 634666 or email .

Before joining the mutual exchange scheme

You will not be able to move without the following conditions:

  • Written consent to the exchange has been received from the other tenant's landlord
  • The rent account is clear of arrears at the time of exchange
  • The properties are suitable for the needs of both tenants with no overcrowding
  • The new tenant will accept responsibility for the existing tenant's alterations and improvements

We will make a decision within 42 calendar days of receiving an application. Tenants must not swap properties until the Deed of Assignment has been signed.  If the properties are exchanged before the Deed of Assignment has been signed, the exchange is illegal. 


Social tenants currently living in council or Housing Association accommodation within the borough can apply to join the council's transfer list on our Housing Register by completing the Housing Application form.

In order to join our Housing Register, you need to apply for a council home or contact the Housing Needs team. 

Last updated: Fri 31st May, 2024 @ 15:40