Secure Tenants have the legal right to request permission to carry out improvements to their homes.

Tenants must not carry out improvements to their homes without written permission from us at Charnwood Borough Council.

Deciding factors for improvements

In deciding whether a request for changes or improvements is reasonable, we look at whether the alteration or improvement would:

  • Make the dwelling-house or any other premises less safe for occupiers
  • Cause the landlord to incur expenditure it would not be likely to incur if the improvements were not made
  • Reduce the price which the dwelling house would fetch on the open market or the rent which could be charged

Introductory tenants do not have the right to carry out improvements and/or alterations to their homes, but in some circumstances where the request is reasonable or it is a relatively minor improvement, consent may be granted at our discretion.

Last updated: Wed 17th October, 2018 @ 09:55