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Pet advice for council tenants

Any tenant who wishes to keep a pet at their home must have written consent from us before getting a pet.

We will not unreasonably refuse permission for a tenant to keep a pet, however we would consider if the pet is suitable for the size of the property and if the usage of outside areas or communal areas are required.

Reasons why permission may not be granted

  • A tenant lives in a Sheltered Unit. We will however consider requests for permission to have assistance dogs (such as guide dogs for the blind) in a property
  • A tenant has a non-secure tenancy
  • the pets are the cause of prolonged anti-social behavior and nuisance - permission to keep the pet can be withdrawn by the Tenancy and Estate Management Officer

Requests to keep other animals, such as poultry will also be considered based on the suitability of accommodation, but requests to keep a cockerel will not be allowed.

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