We receive requests on a regular basis to add a person to a tenancy or remove a person's name from a joint tenancy.

Please complete the tenancy changes application form below:

If you wish to discuss any changes to your tenancy please contact 01509 634666 or email  to speak to a tenancy and estate management officer.

Adding a person to a tenancy

In order to decide if we can allow a request to add a person to a tenancy the following conditions must be met;

  • The rent account for the existing tenancy is clear or there is an agreement in place to clear any arrears which has been in place for a minimum of three months
  • The person who wishes to join the tenancy:
    • Is a spouse or civil partner of the current tenant
    • Has been resident in the property as a partner for at least the last twelve months
    • Does not hold a tenancy with a public sector body or Registered Social Landlord, or have a right to occupy another property as an owner or otherwise
    • Has no unpaid debts or has an arrangement in place to clear any debts for rent or rechargeable repairs
    • Is a UK National, EU country member or has indefinite leave to remain in the UK and has recourse to public funds

We will require a marriage certificate or proof that a partner has been living with the current tenant for at least 12 months.

Removing a person from a tenancy

Removal of a name from a joint tenancy can be allowed if both parties are in agreement and with the permission of the landlord. This is known as an assignment and requires both parties to sign a legal document which is also signed by a representative of the landlord.

We advise anyone who wishes to remove their name from a joint tenancy to seek independent advice from the Citizens Advice or a solicitor prior to signing any paperwork. This ensures that people are aware of the impact of signing this document and how their future housing options will be affected.

If domestic abuse is a factor please contact us or visit the Council offices, Southfields Road, Loughborough in order for an officer to discuss your options with you.

Last updated: Fri 31st May, 2024 @ 15:50