You can get a club premises certificate instead of a premises licence if you run a members' club.

It is required for the supply of alcohol and the provision of regulated entertainment. Application forms and guidance notes are at the bottom of this page.

A club premises certificate means you don't need to nominate a designated premises supervisor or have a personal licence holder for the sale or supply of alcohol.

However, there is nothing to stop a club having a premises licence instead of, or as well as, a club premises certificate. The advantage of having a premises licence is that members of the public may be admitted to take part in licensable activities, instead of just members and guests.

You must prominently display the club premises certificate in your club.


Guidance documents and application forms are available below to apply for a new licence and to make changes to an existing licence. Policy documents can be viewed on the Policy and guidance page.

Licensing fees

Please see our licensing fees page.

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