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Licensing policies

The General Election results are in and the declaration for the Loughborough and Charnwood constituencies can be found on the General Election 2019 results webpage.

Our licensing policy explains how we will carry out our role under the Licensing Act 2003 during the next three years.


The licensing objectives are:

  • prevention of crime and disorder
  • prevention of public nuisance
  • public safety
  • protection of children from harm

Responsible authorities

There are a number of responsible authorities who have powers and duties which relate to alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment. These are:

  • Leicestershire Police
  • Charnwood's Planning Services
  • Charnwood's Environmental Health Services  
  • Charnwood's Occupational and Welfare Services
  • NHS Leicestershire and Rutland (c/o Leicestershire County Council)
  • Trading Standards (Leicestershire County Council)   
  • Leicestershire Fire Authority
  • The Home Office (Immigration Enforcement)                               

Appealing an application (representation)

Anyone can make representation about an application for a new premises licence or club premises certificate, or an application to vary an existing licence or certificate.

They may also apply for an existing licence or certificate to be reviewed, if one or more of the licensing objectives are not being met.

If a relevant representation is made, the application will be determined after a formal hearing. The applicant and anyone who made a representation will be invited to attend.

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