The Licensing Act Annual Maintenance Fee for your premises licence or club premises certificate is payable on the anniversary of the date it was granted.

The annual maintenance fees can be found here.

We will write to the premises licence holder when the annual fee is due. It is essential that payment is received by the annual fee date. The premises licence holder will have received an initial letter and one reminder prior to suspension.

If you fail to pay

The 2003 Act requires a licensing authority to suspend a premises licence or club premises certificate if the annual fee is not paid when it is due. Once suspended, no licensable activities can be carried out at the premises or Club until such time as the annual fee has been paid. The suspension is lifted immediately once the outstanding fee is paid, and licensable activities may resume. If the annual fee has not been paid by the due date the licence holder will be notified and given notice of the date that the suspension will take effect.

How to pay

A premises annual fees payment can be made via the online form below:

Make an premises annual fees payment online

Last updated: Thu 5th October, 2023 @ 11:08